A Few Steps More: Supreme Court of India Further Evolves Its Jurisprudence on the Enforcement of Foreign Awards – Ashutosh Kumar* The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (the ‘A&C Act’) places responsibility for enforcement of foreign awards on High Courts.[1] If a High Court decides to enforce a foreign award, then such decision is not […]Continue reading


Analysis of Governor’s Powers under Paragraph 5(1), Schedule V of the Indian Constitution – Shivam Singh and Harpreet Singh Gupta* Schedule V and VI read with Article 244 of the Indian Constitution contain provisions for control and administration of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Areas. Paragraph 5(1) of Schedule V gives power to the Governor to […]Continue reading


Article 17: Expanding Frontiers? (Part II) – Karthik Rai* In this post, Karthik Rai continues the analysis of J. Chandrachud’s opinion on the interpretation of Article 17 and the meaning of untouchability in Sabarimala, and locates it within the Hart-Fuller Debate and feminist legal theory.  A Feminist Viewpoint on Justice Chandrachud’s stance Notwithstanding the many […]Continue reading


Article 17: Expanding Frontiers? (Part I)  – Karthik Rai* Introduction In Justice K.S. Puttuswamy (Retd.) v. Union of India and Ors., the oft-stated line that the Constitution ‘lives’ for its people was stressed upon (paragraph 31). The usage of the word ‘lives’ indicates that the reconceptualization of constitutional ideals in light of the ethos of […]Continue reading