pdfimagePreliminary Pages
pdfimageTrans-national Torts By Savitha Krishna Murthy. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageThe saga of the Indian Press By Poornima R. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageMoot court team report By G. Nataraj National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageCriminalization of copying in exams By Dr. N. L. Mitra. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageWomen Prisoners-custody or malady? By Reena Patel. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageElectoral Reforms By Vijaya Kumar V. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageLaw and euthanasia By Ramapriya G. and Roopa M. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageReservation-how and why? By Ajit Warrier. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageAbout our students By M. Shaila Kunchur. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore
pdfimageAmnesty International By Aparna Mukharjee. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageHazardous technology, Environmental pollutions and MNC's: A dangerous combination By Nikhil Nayyar.
pdfimageAn attempt to make a judgement By S.V. Joga Rao. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimage21st century-nuclear war or gandhiism By G. Natraj. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageSBA an overview By Nikhil Nayyar. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageWomen Advocates of Bangalore By M.G. Poojitha. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
pdfimageDrug Laws- Is there a case for reform? By Joseph Pokkatt
pdfimageEmerging economic laws: The concept of liberalisation By A.Jayagovind
pdfimageGATT and the welfare state, problems and prospects By V. Umakanth
pdfimageThe companies bill, 1993-A review By Aparna Srinivas and Sai Krishna Rajgopal
pdfimageRegulating the Stock Broker, Emerging Legal Regime and New challenges By Prashanth Sabeshan
pdfimageVAT a Value addition to the economy By Srikanth B. Navale and Nandini Nagesh
pdfimageBuy back shares by a company An Anaylisis By B.S. Padmashree and N.S. Nigam
pdfimageAn analysis of forward trading and lease of shares By Ashish A. Ahuja
pdfimageTrade Related IPR and Indias Economic Development By N.S. Gopalakrishnan
pdfimageLaw and Practice of Takeovers in India By Stephen Mathias
pdfimageThe Pre natal Diagnostic Technique Act 1994 By Nichole Menezes
pdfimageMultimodal Transportation of Goods Act 1993 By Siddharth Raja
pdfimageState Inaction through Law a critique of the constitution 73 ammendment By Shraddha V. Chigateri
pdfimageRegulation in advertising By Ruchika Chanana
pdfimageSC, Complete jusice and aritcle 142 By Harish B.N. and Protima
pdfimageRationale for Special Review under Customs Act. By Vikramjeet and Gaurav
pdfimageRight to Primary Education By Saugatha Mukerjee
pdfimageRight to Reply Bill, A critique By Sivakameswari Vishwanathan
pdfimageSpeedy Justice A concillatory approach By R.I. D'sa
pdfimageRight to legal Info and the rule of law By Sumeet Mallik
pdfimageHR Retrospect and prospect By T.R. Shivaranjani
pdfimageLaw on Sati and Suicide By Menaka Guruswamy
pdfimageS.R Bomnai v. Union of India By B.N. Harish and Vikram Raghavan
pdfimageBook Review No pity people with disabilities By Prabha Kotiswaran
pdfimageTable of Content
pdfimageThe new economic Policy vis a vis exise law By Damayanthi Shahani
pdfimageThe Law of Attempts and the Shifting Basis of Criminal Law in modern society By Saugatha Mukerjee
pdfimageRevisiting Hollington v. Hewthorn: Suggestion for a new ecidentiary principle By Biswajeet Chattarjee
pdfimageReforming the law relating to attempt a proposal By Vinod George Joseph
pdfimageObscenity as defined under sec 292 IPC do we need sucha a concept By Aravind Narain
pdfimageLegal Fall out og Internationalisation By Suman nad Suneeth
pdfimageAlternative Development NGO in 3rd world countires By Sujatha Iyengar
pdfimageThe validity of the provision relating to credit facilities under the Modvat scheme By Manoj S. Menon
pdfimageAn Interpretative Analysis of Art 2.7 of the U.N charter By Q. M. Mariij Uddin
pdfimageReservation of HR treaties a threat to universality of HR By Q.M. Mariij Uddin
pdfimageProposed changes in arbitration law By Nikhil Narayanan
pdfimageArticle 16(4) an ammendment or an overhaul By Gautam Rohidekar
pdfimageForeign Instruments, conflict of laws and attempts for unification By Anand Mohan Bhattarai
pdfimageEscaped turnover assessment under sales tax law By H. Karthik Sheshadri
pdfimageIsurgency and International Law and its legal consequences by Ranbir Singh
pdfimageCodification of Parliamentary privileges By M.S. Nigam and M.G. Vineetha
pdfimageMinority Educational Institutions a need for prudent regulation By Arathi Ramakrishnan and Sanjay Bhavikatte
pdfimageThe efficacy of the composite code theory in Indian Constitutional Law By Vikramjeet Banarjee
pdfimageControl of abuse of Administrative Discretion Judicial trends By Ravitej Rao M.
pdfimageFugue State in relation to criminal behavior By Ashwin Mathew
pdfimageThe transplant regime pancea or placebo By Sandeep G.
pdfimageDeath Sentence- Rethinking in terms of abolition By Arathi Ramakrishnan
pdfimageThe Sarovar Project and its implications By Prashanth Shabeshan
pdfimageProfessional Misconduct Reexamined By Shobitha and Rabindra
pdfimageThe eyewash that is sovereign liability By Anand Damodaran and Priya Pillai
pdfimageTable of Content
pdfimageA Cage Went in Search of a Bird Positive Law and Franz Kafka
pdfimageA Feminist Perspective of Womens International Human Rights Law and the UN
pdfimageBook Reviews Dr Avtar Singh Company Law By Apurva Agarwal
pdfimageCommon Property Resources Contribution and Tragedy By Abhay Kumar Sinha
pdfimageCoparcenary Rights of Female Hindus By Sumit Mallik
pdfimageDouble Taxation Review of the UN Model By Jatinder Aneja and Bhavna Singh
pdfimageG Vishwanthan vs Speaker Tamil Nadu A Review By Mrinal Chandran
pdfimageGian Kaur vs Punjab A Requiem for Reason By P Ramaswamy
pdfimageIndian Medical Association vs VP Shantha 1995 6 SCC 651
pdfimageIs it Time for an International Court of Environmental Justice By Vikram Raghavan
pdfimageLockerbie and Beyond Where Does the World Court Go From Here?
pdfimageTerrorism and the Sentencing Policy of the Supreme Court By Nandan Kamath and Ankit Majumdar
pdfimageThe Bretton Woods Institutions By Diya Kapur and Gaurav Talwar
pdfimageThe New Takeover Code Poised to Take Off By Anil Suraj and PK Prabhat
pdfimageThe Red Cross Movement The Law and the Laudable By Tapan Patti
pdfimageThe Right to Self Determination A Conceptual Analysis By Dipen Saharwal and Abhay Kumar Sinha
pdfimageThe Truth is Out There A Critical Evaluation of the RIght to Information By Dev Saif Gangajee and Kallol Das
pdfimageThe United Nations and Drug Abuse Control A Critique By Richa Gautam
pdfimageThe United Nations at 50 Perspectives on the Need for Reform By Nikhil Narayanan and Suagata Mukherjee
pdfimageThe United Nations in the Era of the Social Clause By Varghese Thomas and Anand Damodaran
pdfimageThe United Nations of America By Shilpa Bhandarkar and Rahul Rao
pdfimageThe United Nations Pan Arabism and Israel Crystallization to Catastrophe By Arkaja Singh and Shyel Trehan
pdfimageUNCTAD and International Trade The Forgotten Link By Gautam Rohidekar
pdfimageUnited Nations and Global Peace and Security By Pooja Sinha and Sudhir Krishnaswamy
pdfimageUnited Nations A Costly but Powerless Forum By Sarita Mohanty