About Us

The National Law School of India Review (NLSIR) is the bi-annual flagship journal of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore (NLSIU). It is edited by the Student Advocate Committee, part of the Student Bar Association of NLSIU. Up to 2007, the journal was known as the Student Bar Review (SBR). Contributing towards this changing character of the Review from being a voice for student writing in India, to now aspiring towards becoming a vehicle for serious academic legal writing across the board the Student Bar Review has become the National Law School of India Review. This reflects not just the respect that the Review has managed to build up over these past years, but also the growing maturity and development of a uniquely Indian jurisprudence. It is this ethos that the Review tries to capture and bring to its discerning readers.
The articles published in the NLSIR encompass a broad range of legal issues, with special emphasis on matters concerning contemporary developments in the Indian legal system. The NLSIR regularly features pieces authored by judges of the Indian Supreme Court, Senior Counsels practicing at the Indian bar, and several academics such as Professor Roger Cotterrell, University of London, and Dr. Hans Koechler, University of Innsbruck. The NLSIR has also earned the unique honour of being one of the very few Indian journals, and the only student-edited journal to be cited by the Indian Supreme Court (Action Committee, Un-Aided Pvt. Schools v. Director of Education, Delhi).

Editorial Committee

Chief Editor
Madhavi Singh
Deputy Chief Editor
Abhishek Choudhary
Ganesh Khemka
Hrishika Jain
Jeydev Cs
Niharika Sharma
Nikita Garg
Sarangan Rajeshkumar
Sharan Bhavnani
Administrative Editor
Aditya Karekatte
Technical Editor
Suranjan Shukla